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Industry: Architecture, Engineering and Construction


CadFaster|Collaborate for Vectorworks® enables real-time markup and co-viewing of Building Information Models and thus facilitates collaboration. CadFaster|Collaborate for Vectorworks® is designed to enhance the design process in the AEC industry and to improve customer experience.



The architectural design process of a building or a site abroad requires constant interaction with various stakeholders. If the architectural design is done in one country, but the customer is in another, there is no practical way to co-view the Building Information Models, which translates to frequent traveling.



CadFaster|Collaborate enables real-time feedback collection, co-viewing and collaboration. With CadFaster|Collaborate every stakeholder is able to participate in the design process enabling customer reviews and real-time feedback. Possible design flaws can be eliminated during the design process making sure that the customer specific needs and requirements are fully met.



- Design flaws and issues related to communication breakdown are reduced.

- Increased productivity decreases the design period.

- Travel expenses are reduced substantially.

- Customer satisfaction is increased.




April 10th, 2012

Nemetschek teams with CadFaster for Vectorworks


"Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., has announced that they have teamed with CadFaster to offer CadFaster|Collaborate™ for users of Vectorworks software. This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of Vectorworks Cloud Services, and will further broaden the ability for Vectorworks users to access their design files from any location."



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December 1st, 2011

CadFaster speeds up BIM conversations


"A drawback with most construction collaboration platform is that they mainly offer asynchronous collaboration – ie: dispersed “conversations” proceed like email exchanges, as a series of send-reply steps. Ideally, collaboration should be about real-time or synchronous exchanges with little or no time lag between individuals’ comments and recipients’ responses. Now on its fourth release, CadFaster|Collaborate enables exactly this kind of real-time (synchronous) collaboration regarding 3D designs developed in BIM, CAD and related applications."


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October 3rd, 2011

CadFaster for iPad


"Having access to CAD models on a laptop is a business necessity. If you are truly mobile then you will need them on your Apple iPad and preferably be able to share sessions remotely with other users. Martyn Day evaluates one such product, CadFaster for iPad."


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October 3rd, 2011

CadFaster extends speedy 3D CAD viewing to iPad


"The key to its speed and collaboration capabilities is the proprietary compression it first applies to models."


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September 21st, 2011

CadFaster 3D Collaboration Tool


"As any architectural designer or design and building manager knows, working on a 3D CAD/BIM model can be extremely complex, with many parties contributing from a variety of platforms to a massively varying degree."


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June 2nd, 2011

CadFaster|Collaborate for Autodesk Revit 2011


"Over the years, the design process has changed with the introduction of new technologies, bringing about shorter design cycles, reduced fees, and demands for greater productivity. What hasn't changed is the need for distributed teams to collaborate with each other and their various project stakeholders."


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June 1st, 2011

CADFaster iPad app Devours 3D, Spits Out Collaboration… for Free… Kind of.


"We’ve seen iPad apps that allow you to view your 3D models, but nothing adding the cranial crushing aspects of collaboration. Except for one…"


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February 9th, 2011

CadFaster Collaborate


"With project teams and clients based around the world, holding design meetings can be a challenge. CadFaster has a slick solution for Building Information Modelling (BIM), writes Martyn Day."


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December 17th, 2010

CADFaster 3D Graphics Performance


"This post is not about the CADFaster collaboration technology. But rather it is about something in their technology that I found absolutely fantastic – the 3D graphics performance."


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December 1st, 2010

CADFaster. The Faster Way to Collaborate on SolidWorks and Revit Models.


"You are able to open a large data set, walkthrough, measure, and create section of the environment. All of this happens as you share the experience across the web – discussing, commenting and changing visual properties of the model as you walk about. It is nothing but impressive."


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“With CadFaster’s Collaborate tool, you can review your Revit models in a genuinely live environment with multiple participants anywhere in the world. The question now is; what do we need drawings for?”

Carl Collins, CAD Manager, Arup Associates.


CadFaster|Collaborate for Vectorworks is sold exclusively by Nemetschek Vectorworks


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